True-to-Life English Club - Hobby Time with Native Speaker - Photography Workshop in the Zoo 23 October

HOBBY TIME with Native Speaker

You are most welcome to practise talking in English, make friends and enjoy your free time in the 
TRUE-TO-LIFE ENGLISH Club with Alex Kozitsky.

'Hello, everyone! My name is Alex. I'm from Los Angeles, California. I've been teaching and tutoring English for 10 years and I enjoy doing so. In Los Angeles I also worked in Hollywood and picked up some skills from the masters of show business. I also enjoy taking photographs. This hobby has transferred into my second job. I would really like to pass on my knowledge to you during our weekly meetings. Thank you very much.'

23 October we are visiting the Municipal Zoo in Kiev! It's great fun because we are going to learn a lot about animals, eating habits, class - mammal, reptile...and about theit habitat.

We'll enjoy many fun activities and take photos all the way through.

Join in!

200 UHR
Participants cover their tickets and other expenses (drinks, meals, souvenirs, etc). Meeting at the entrance.


Tel./Fax (044) 483 7474, 050 310 5111

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